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JDA Lives

Dearest friends,

As many of you may know, this last year has been very challenging for JDA and many of our colleagues in the printing industry. All too many businesses have experienced serious financial difficulties over that period of time… some only experienced sever slowdowns, others shut their doors. Fortunately, JDA has been in the former category not the latter.

We moved to the Sumner St. location with exciting plans and great expectations. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out as we hoped. Consequently, we had to vacate this space precipitously. In an effort to catch our breath and regroup, we are making some changes that we hope will be beneficial to all of us.

First, since Matt has been doing all the photography, printing, and most of the color correction for many years, he has moved these functions to his home studio. He is up and running and able to do your projects now. He only asks that you make an appointment to bring work by. (See his contact info below)

The Dye Sublimation Project will move to Jim and Dolores’ home offices. Jim will still be doing Photoshop projects as well as the dye sub business. Jim will also be assisting in Matt’s studio as needed.

Our phone numbers will stay the same, and are active now, so feel free to call 503-525-0846.

We are asking that you give us a call when you have a project so that we can discuss what you need and arrange a time for you to drop it off - or for us to pick it up!

I want to emphasize, JDA is not going away. We will still provide all the services we do now. We are looking forward to trying this new arrangement. It will take some time to settle in, but I think it will be very advantagous for everyone in the end.

Thanks for your continued support!