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JDA Moves!

JDA Has Moved

JDA Entrance
When we moved to the 6th and Pine address nearly 10 years ago, we loved the location. It was a funky old building with wood floors, great big windows, close to downtown, and had plenty of free parking.

Well, the area has changed drastically. I won’t enumerate all the details, except the ones that directly affected our clients convenience and safety. Those of you who visited frequently have seen an increase in petty crimes (graffiti, broken windows, panhandlers, and the like) and a marked decrease in available parking.

There wasn’t anything we could do to improve the location, so we decided to move.

Our new location is in the Parkrose Business Center on 122nd just north of Sandy Blvd.

It’s a beautiful place with trees and grass, and PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Check out the map below.

We are still in the process of getting settled in, but all the equipment is up and running and we are open for business. I encourage you to stop in and see some of the new things we’re working on.

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