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Dye Sublimation



One of the great things about Dye Sublimation printing is that our clients keep having great ideas that we didn’t know could be done. Last weeks project was pillow cases for a Pee Wee Hockey Team! The process has the great advantage of easily personalizing each item, so each child has there name on the pillowcase along with there team photo. It was kind of a rush job, but we got it done in time for their awards dinner… and under budget!

Next up: T-Shirts for a Veteran Submariner!

New Options for Artists

Pic for Indie

Giclée prints are a wonderful addition to the artist’s offerings. When done properly, they can closely mimic the original… and when masterfully done, not only can capture the look of the piece, but express it’s very soul. And all that can be offered at a price that allows many more admirers to have the artist’s work on their walls. Marvelous!

But what about the client who wants your artwork to join her for coffee at work? Or thinks it would look great on their cellphone case? Or a shopping bag? Or even flip flops and a t-shirt!
How about the family that wants your painting of a Cannon Beach ocean scene to adorn the walls of their shower? Perhaps a local brewer wants to use your art for a beer label and you can offer him beer steins, coasters, bar towels, even bottle openers… also with your image.

People love art. Often, however, they resist the traditional methods of owning and displaying it. Wouldn’t it be nice to allow them to decide how, and in what form, to display it?

This is where Dye Sublimation comes in. Dye Sublimation, or Dye Sub as we call it, is a process that uses special inks that, when subjected to heat and pressure, turn directly from solid into gas (sublimate). When the ink is in contact with the proper type of material … usually a man made or specially coated natural material… the ink gas molecules bond with the molecules of the item. A permanent bond. The image becomes part of the surface. It doesn’t scratch or wash off.

There are literally thousands of items that are “sublimatable! “ Perfect for your Etsy Store or the e-commerce section of your website. We can even provide fulfillment for you.

Of course, the process opens up a wealth of possibilities for new materials to be used in the creation of an artist’s work. Glass, wood, ceramic, and metal are but a few materials that can be imaged and added to the original artwork.

OK so why are we running an IndieGoGo project ? Well, because it requires a lot of new equipment and supplies. Rather than take out a loan that would add to the cost of the items, we thought we’d give people who support the arts an opportunity to help fund the project. We believe that we have a number of attractive and valuable perks that will make your participation well worthwhile. Please visit our IndieGoGo project HERE and consider contributing to the project. Whether you contribute or not, you can really help by simply sending the link to the IndieGoGo page to your contacts! We and lots of artists that will thank you!

IndieGoGo Click here JDA Indie Project Page