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New Printer!

A barely audible hiss and an almost imperceptible sound of air as it flows around small moving parts emanates from a formerly empty corner of the studio. Swish… swish, pass after pass, an image appears on the paper. Then another and another… Wow this thing is fast! And the prints look gorgeous!

The new printer is here!!!

First let me apologize to any of our clients who have been inconvenienced over the last few weeks. Your patience has been much appreciated. In a moment I’ll relate the saga of our printer dilemma, but I want thank all those persevering clients who showed great understanding as we worked our way through a difficult situation.

So what happened? Our faithful Epson 11880 began having difficulties with one of the colors in the printhead. Perhaps you’ve had similar problems on your desktop printer. We tried every trick we knew to clean the nozzles, but they simply wouldn’t clear. We called in a repair guy and he told us the head was kaputt. Yikes! The repair part was at least 3 weeks (and possibly 3 months) away. Well, that was simply unacceptable. We couldn’t take a 3 week vacation while we waited for a part. We looked around for a machine to rent with no luck. Then we thought, for the price of the repair, we could get a new machine and put off repairing the old one until later!

We called our good friends at Aldertech for help. They let us use a printer they had at their offices and got us a great price on a new machine. We were excited! It looked like we’d have a new printer in a couple days… best laid plans, right?

We placed the order and made daily trips to Aldertech to attempt to keep up with a deluge of work.

The requisite time passes…

Matt and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the truck… it pulled up… opened the lift gate and… all we could see was a tiny box in the corner of the truck.

“It says HP on the side.”

The distributor had sent the wrong printer! Or perhaps had switched labels (we never found out) Arrgh!

I’m so glad Aldertech was on our team here! Bruce and Heather burned up the phone lines and got the right one on the next truck out. Thanks to them we not only got the right printer but had one to use while we waited, so we wouldn’t get too far behind.

So we are up to speed again, photographing your artwork and printing your Giclées.

Oh, it’s so great to be back!
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