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Chasing the Muse

We are finally launching our revamped website! It still is growing and will have many more features aimed at Artists, Photographers, Designers, and anyone needing help with art, graphics, and color reproduction in general. We invite you to explore the other pages to the site to discover more about JDA Creative Services.

With our new website, we are initiating a new blog.

The blog is for and about you!

We'll be featuring news about our clients, the art world - both locally and farther afield, local openings, and some news from us! We intend this to become a community resource and we need your help and input to be successful! Please send us your news to share.

  • Artists: Opening somewhere new? Having an closing party? Teaching a class? New entry in your personal artist blog? Let us know.
  • Galleries: let us know your openings and closings. Tell us about your featured artists.
  • Art Fans and Patrons: Found a new gallery? Been to an especially impressive show? We'd love to know about it!
  • Everyone: If you find a artist's great blog entry or article, let us know. We'd love to help them get some exposure!

Questions? Send them to us! We’ll answer them all and feature the best in the blog.

What are we going to discuss?

Here are a few of the topics we’ll talk about here:

  • Important art world news. Especially that which is focused on the Pacific Northwest
  • Client accomplishments and milestones. New work, opening and closing events, awards and kudos
  • Practical information about Archiving your artwork, creating reproductions (Giclée, Digital Atelier Prints, Posters, and more)
  • Marketing tips.
  • Web and Social Media promotion ideas

But primarily, we’d like to talk about what you want to know!

So stay in in touch and informed! Add our RSS feed, sign up for our newsletter, follow us on twitter and Facebook! And most of all, help us get started by telling us what you want us to include!

Talk soon!