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JDA Store Opens!

JDA Store Opens!

Well, we’ve been talking about it for a long time, and we’ve finally taken the first steps into ecommerce.

Those of you who are clients of ours know how important we think online marketing and sales can be to the artist and photographer. Many have expressed various levels of discomfort with the whole process and the desire to find someone to “do it for you”. Well, this is the beginnings of fulfilling that wish.

In the beginning, we are featuring our own items. Some of those items are our own art and photos, some are photos from NASA , we’ll have nostalgic art deco images from the our national parks, historic baseball card pictures, and new things as we find them. The images will be available on metal prints of various sizes, coffee mugs, Ceramic tiles, and t-shirts.

Let me describe a little about our process in getting here.
Building a store involves a lot of decisions and efforts that go far beyond the mere selection of pieces and finding photos of the work…

- What ecommerce platform to use?
- Should I create a space on my website?
- Do I have to worry about security?
- What items should I sell?
- What prices should I have?
- How can I leverage other peoples marketing efforts and SEO so that customers will find my work?
- How do I best promote my store?

Building and marketing a store is as if not more complex and time consuming as building a full website. There are so many things to plan for that go well afield of just choosing which pieces to feature.

We chose to use Etsy as our ecommerce base. They are very inexpensive, accept virtually all credit/debit cards, have a strong security team, they have both internal search tools and the “Google Juice” to get front page results with Google and other search engines, they make items available internationally, calculate shipping costs and provide tools to reduce the cost of mailing. Many folks use Etsy all by itself, relying on their internal search to make sales, but we realized we could leverage the power of Etsy with strong organic and paid Social Media and website optimization to supercharge exposure. We also realized this would be a system that would benefit our clients!

Why are we doing this?
The goal here is to develop a scalable marketing system that we can expand to include our clients. We want to find the best methods to promote their artwork and photography. Which products will work best. Which price points are most effective in getting their creative endeavors into the hands of the people who admire them. And, of course, the best way to promote them online.

We are hoping to role out new items at least weekly. Please watch for our posts on Facebook and twitter our Pinterest boards and Instagram postings and feel free to share them across your networks too.

The JDA Store