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Hightail formerly known as YouSendIt is a very easy to use online service, for both PC and Mac users. You may transfer files up to 100 MB… for free. They also have a paid service which has many additional features.
It does require signing up for a free account and yes, you'll be getting some emails from them, but it is well worthwhile for this simple, straight forward service!

Remember to compress your files. It will save you time and helps to ensure that your file arrives undamaged.
This is the form to fill out.
From: Put your email in here. You will also create a free account for use on YouSendIt. Your email is your username. You will need to create a Password.
Entering both emails- separated by a comma- helps to ensure speedy response and service
Select File: Click this button then find and select the file you wish to send us on your computer.
Use if you wish, but neither are necessary
Preview: If you want to see what the email will look like.
Send It: Click this button and your file is on it's way!

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