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JDA Creative Services

Our History

If you’ve come this far into the site, you must be more than passingly curious about JDA. I’ll try to make this succinct.

Prior to the mid 1990’s, almost all the preparation for color printing was done by large PrePress companies, with very expensive equipment, expensive staffs, and expensive locations. They, quite logically, preferred to work with large clients and focused most of their resources on keeping them happy. The “important client’s” jobs took priority over smaller clients work… always. The larger clients got the most attention and the small client felt (often rightly so) that they weren’t important to the PrePress behemoth. We thought that was wrong. We believed that a properly structured company, that carefully purchased technology and relied on hard earned expertise, could create a place in the market that valued the independent designer, the tiny, feisty ad agency, the small printer, and even the guy off the street, who, in big PrePress company’s offices, would be (perhaps) politely escorted to the exit.

In 1995 we launched JDA Creative Color Prepress to bring big company quality scanning, color correction, and service to those people. We quickly realized that we had something special to offer our clients… the expertise and most importantly, the desire to help them solve their challenges not add to them. We built a very successful drum scanning business but, as desktop scanners got better and cheaper… and digital stock photography began to gain traction, and finally as more and more photographers moved to digital cameras, the drum scanning business began its inevitable slide into oblivion, we realized we needed to change to remain relevant. We shifted our focus to color retouching and correction, but realized that had real limitations and also took our first steps into the large format world. We had always enjoyed working with photographers and Fine Artists, so of course we investigated the process of Giclée and became one of the first commercial Giclée printers in Portland, OR. We have slowly but surely increased our presence in the Fine Art community, until today, more than 80% of our work involves fine art in some dimension.

Our product focus has shifted over the years as the industry has changed. While it no longer includes high end
Drum Scanning, we now provide:

  • Digital capture featuring our 180+ megapixel Betterlight Scanning Camera System, ideal for ultra high resolution digitizing of artwork, maps, and any other large, flat pieces. Whether you are simply wanting a peerless high resolution file for archival purposes or to use immediately for Giclée or promotional use, this is the perfect answer.

  • Giclée or Fine Art printing. Employing state of the art Archival inkjet printers with the finest fade resistant materials.

  • Digitally printed posters for those venues that call for lower priced art, including online stores such as ETSY or your own shop, and real world events like art fairs, Farmers Markets, and small outlets that are beginning to feature artwork but can’t support the cost of originals or Giclée prints.

  • Masterful digital photo retouching, color manipulation, and expert preparation for all types of printing and online uses.

  • Digital printing for collateral and marketing materials. Business cards, postcards, portfolios, biography sheets, Gallery guides, etc. provided by local and out of the area partners.

  • Marketing assistance ranging from advice about websites and SEO to connecting with galleries and other venues.

Of course, we also realize the future of communications is online and we have expertise in that area, too.
Social Media, Website planning and construction, online marketing consulting are a few of the new roads JDA is traveling.

I hope you'll join us for at least part of this wonderful journey. Come on, it'll be great!

Jim Dittmer