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WeTransfer is a very easy to use online service. Because it works through a web browser, it can be used by any operating system. You may transfer files up to 2 GB… for free. They also have a paid service which has many additional features.
While not required, signing up for a free account has some advantages, if you intend to use it relatively regularly. For most people, the free account is all you need.

Remember to compress your files. It will save you time and helps to ensure that your file arrives undamaged.
If you have questions or problems, give us a call and we'll walk you through the setup.
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This is the form to fill out.
Upload Files: Click this button then find and select the file(s) you wish to send us. You can also click and drag the file(s) to the screen. These can be individual files or a folder and will be ZIP compressed automatically. You can transfer up to 2 GB (Gigabytes) per day with the free account.
Email To: jim@jdapdx.com, dittmerm@jdapdx.com
Entering both emails helps to ensure speedy response and service
Your Email: Put your email in here. If you have created an account for use on WeTransfer (and are logged in), your email will automatically show up here. Otherwise, just enter your email. This is allows WeTransfer to let you know when the files have been downloaded.
Title: This is filled in automatically. Because folders are compressed automatically, they may have a slightly different name than you expect. This field tells both you and us what the name of the transferred file is.
Message: If you want to add a comment to the transaction. You may want to add special instructions, your contact information or a shipping address in this space. Or just say hello.
Transfer: Click this button and your file is on it's way!