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Digital Printing
The future of ink on paper!

Green isn’t just a color…

JDA Creative Services is dedicated to Green printing practices that promote an ecologically sustainable environment. Not only do we recycle well over 96% of our waste stream, but insist on using papers that meet Green printing industry standards. Using Digital Printing can help you reduce your impact on the environment by allowing you to control quantities and target markets more specifically.

Great Quality
Small Quantities
Outstanding Value
The advantages of digital printing are overwhelming. You no longer have to shell out huge amounts of money for thousands of printed pieces that will be out of date before they're out the door.

You have a choice…
You can present a generic message, or one that’s tuned directly to your prospect’s specific frequency. You can hand him the same old brochure or a beautiful, full color, personalized presentation!

Print only what you need right now
Make changes for your next event, try a new marketing approach, correct an error, test new wording, personalize for specific clients and prospects, localize your message…

Just In Time…Just the ticket…

  • Print new marketing materials just before you need them.
  • Your information is always up to date and your cashflow doesn’t take a hit!
  • No more dumping thousands of printed pieces into the trash because your product line had a minor change!

Make an unforgettable impression at that next important presentation. Call on us to personalize and customize everything from handouts to business cards for that meeting! Give us a call and let us help you make that impact! Large company or one man band, these new tools will set you apart from your competition.

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