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One of the great things about Dye Sublimation printing is that our clients keep having great ideas that we didn’t know could be done. Last weeks project was pillow cases for a Pee Wee Hockey Team! The process has the great advantage of easily personalizing each item, so each child has there name on the pillowcase along with there team photo. It was kind of a rush job, but we got it done in time for their awards dinner… and under budget!

Next up: T-Shirts for a Veteran Submariner!

JDA Store Opens!

JDA Store Opens!

Well, we’ve been talking about it for a long time, and we’ve finally taken the first steps into ecommerce.

Those of you who are clients of ours know how important we think online marketing and sales can be to the artist and photographer. Many have expressed various levels of discomfort with the whole process and the desire to find someone to “do it for you”. Well, this is the beginnings of fulfilling that wish.

In the beginning, we are featuring our own items. Some of those items are our own art and photos, some are photos from NASA , we’ll have nostalgic art deco images from the our national parks, historic baseball card pictures, and new things as we find them. The images will be available on metal prints of various sizes, coffee mugs, Ceramic tiles, and t-shirts.

Let me describe a little about our process in getting here.
Building a store involves a lot of decisions and efforts that go far beyond the mere selection of pieces and finding photos of the work…

- What ecommerce platform to use?
- Should I create a space on my website?
- Do I have to worry about security?
- What items should I sell?
- What prices should I have?
- How can I leverage other peoples marketing efforts and SEO so that customers will find my work?
- How do I best promote my store?

Building and marketing a store is as if not more complex and time consuming as building a full website. There are so many things to plan for that go well afield of just choosing which pieces to feature.

We chose to use Etsy as our ecommerce base. They are very inexpensive, accept virtually all credit/debit cards, have a strong security team, they have both internal search tools and the “Google Juice” to get front page results with Google and other search engines, they make items available internationally, calculate shipping costs and provide tools to reduce the cost of mailing. Many folks use Etsy all by itself, relying on their internal search to make sales, but we realized we could leverage the power of Etsy with strong organic and paid Social Media and website optimization to supercharge exposure. We also realized this would be a system that would benefit our clients!

Why are we doing this?
The goal here is to develop a scalable marketing system that we can expand to include our clients. We want to find the best methods to promote their artwork and photography. Which products will work best. Which price points are most effective in getting their creative endeavors into the hands of the people who admire them. And, of course, the best way to promote them online.

We are hoping to role out new items at least weekly. Please watch for our posts on Facebook and twitter our Pinterest boards and Instagram postings and feel free to share them across your networks too.

The JDA Store

JDA Moves!

JDA Has Moved

JDA Entrance
When we moved to the 6th and Pine address nearly 10 years ago, we loved the location. It was a funky old building with wood floors, great big windows, close to downtown, and had plenty of free parking.

Well, the area has changed drastically. I won’t enumerate all the details, except the ones that directly affected our clients convenience and safety. Those of you who visited frequently have seen an increase in petty crimes (graffiti, broken windows, panhandlers, and the like) and a marked decrease in available parking.

There wasn’t anything we could do to improve the location, so we decided to move.

Our new location is in the Parkrose Business Center on 122nd just north of Sandy Blvd.

It’s a beautiful place with trees and grass, and PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Check out the map below.

We are still in the process of getting settled in, but all the equipment is up and running and we are open for business. I encourage you to stop in and see some of the new things we’re working on.

JDA Creative Color
12019 NE Sumner St.
Portland, OR 97220

Map to JDA

New Options for Artists

Pic for Indie

Giclée prints are a wonderful addition to the artist’s offerings. When done properly, they can closely mimic the original… and when masterfully done, not only can capture the look of the piece, but express it’s very soul. And all that can be offered at a price that allows many more admirers to have the artist’s work on their walls. Marvelous!

But what about the client who wants your artwork to join her for coffee at work? Or thinks it would look great on their cellphone case? Or a shopping bag? Or even flip flops and a t-shirt!
How about the family that wants your painting of a Cannon Beach ocean scene to adorn the walls of their shower? Perhaps a local brewer wants to use your art for a beer label and you can offer him beer steins, coasters, bar towels, even bottle openers… also with your image.

People love art. Often, however, they resist the traditional methods of owning and displaying it. Wouldn’t it be nice to allow them to decide how, and in what form, to display it?

This is where Dye Sublimation comes in. Dye Sublimation, or Dye Sub as we call it, is a process that uses special inks that, when subjected to heat and pressure, turn directly from solid into gas (sublimate). When the ink is in contact with the proper type of material … usually a man made or specially coated natural material… the ink gas molecules bond with the molecules of the item. A permanent bond. The image becomes part of the surface. It doesn’t scratch or wash off.

There are literally thousands of items that are “sublimatable! “ Perfect for your Etsy Store or the e-commerce section of your website. We can even provide fulfillment for you.

Of course, the process opens up a wealth of possibilities for new materials to be used in the creation of an artist’s work. Glass, wood, ceramic, and metal are but a few materials that can be imaged and added to the original artwork.

OK so why are we running an IndieGoGo project ? Well, because it requires a lot of new equipment and supplies. Rather than take out a loan that would add to the cost of the items, we thought we’d give people who support the arts an opportunity to help fund the project. We believe that we have a number of attractive and valuable perks that will make your participation well worthwhile. Please visit our IndieGoGo project HERE and consider contributing to the project. Whether you contribute or not, you can really help by simply sending the link to the IndieGoGo page to your contacts! We and lots of artists that will thank you!

IndieGoGo Click here JDA Indie Project Page

How to create a Black and White from a Color Picture

22 ways to make a BW 070314 CVR email

About 20 years ago, a co-worker told me, “There’s only one way to make a Black and White in Photoshop.” Well, I could think of at least 3 and told him so. But that got me thinking. Just how many ways were there to create a grayscale image in Photoshop? I soon had the remarkable total of 8… and an ongoing project that has lasted to this very day.

One of the first blog posts I ever wrote (3 or 4 website iterations ago) related 11 methods of B&W conversion. A couple years later it was up to 16, then 18. When I got to 20 I decided to publish an eBook. As I wrote, I realized I needed to talk a little about some of the underlying features and issues, What are Color Settings? How does Color Management work? What’s an ICC Profile? Can I use Camera Raw on a tif or jpg file? The book got longer. Another method was discovered… that made 21.

When all was said and done there were 22 methods of creating a Black and White (greyscale) from a color picture.
And we explained the basics of:
  • Scanning and how scanners decide the values to use when making a B&W
  • Layers
  • Color Management
  • Blending Modes
  • ICC Profiles (and how to make your own!)
  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • Color Settings Menu - setting default values
  • Many of the Adjustment commands
  • Adjustment Layers
  • and many other features of Photoshop

I hope you will pick up a copy. It costs less than a latte, and can be read on your tablet, smart phone, or computer! Thanks!