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Color Optimization

RGB to CMYK - RGB to RGB - CMYK to RGB Conversions


We use images in many color spaces but we almost always create them in RGB. All input devices -Digital cameras, flatbed scanners, drum scanners, even our Betterlight Scanning Camera System- capture data in RGB. It’s a Physics thing.

RGB to…

We capture images in one Color Space and often use them in another. Every device is different, and each device has it’s own personal Color Space. That may be a monitor, an inkjet printer, your office’s copier, or a printing press and each one is a little different.


Each image needs to be optimized for it’s final use. A scan is optimized differently for the World Wide Web than for a traditional press. It is different for a large format printer than a magazine. Even 2 newspapers may have differing profiles and procedures.

RGB to CMYK conversion

Fortunately, you’re working with JDA. We don’t just hand you an RGB file or some generic CMYK and send you on your way. We contact the people printing your image, and work with them and you to get a file optimized for their printing process. We check it for problem colors and adjust the file to best reflect your vision. You will get the finest possible results from the RGB to CMYK conversion.

RGB to RGB conversion

What about the web? Do you need to worry about optimization for the Internet? Believe it or not, the Internet has a color space, too. JDA has a great deal of experience optimizing RGB color for the WWW. We understand, not only it’s color gamut, but also the intricacies of video screen vs paper and know how to get ideal results on screen.

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