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BetterLight Digital Scanning Camera Fine Art Scanning System

When you need a Fine Art scan, and want the best in digital capture, JDA has the solution for you! Whether you’re a fine artist who wants to archive your image for the most versatility in the future, a printer needing to capture something oversized and want to skip the time and expense of going to film and then scanning, or just want the cleanest, most color accurate, and most detailed capture of your project: the answer is

JDA’s 180+ MegaPixel

Betterlight Scanning Digital Camera

With a huge color gamut, a 14+ F-stop density range, less than 1/4 the noise (grain) of the finest film, and native file sizes to 600 MB and beyond, we believe there is no equal in quality and versatility. Combine that with our renown color expertise, and you have a winner every time. We guarantee it!
Here's some information to illustrate why we think the Betterlight Scanning Camera is so superior…

Density Range

This chart shows several common methods of digitally capturing a piece of fine art. Density range is the ability to capture detail from the lightest highlights to the deepest, darkest shadows. The larger the range the more details the device can resolve. Large Format and flatbed scanners, even film require that a choice be made - "Do I want to see the details in the highlights or the shadows?" In either case, you are sacrificing some of the subtle nuances that give your work life and soul. The Betterlight's 14+ fStop range means you don't have to make that choice. You get every brushstroke, the faintest pastels, even the texture of the paper or canvas! Results so real, your clients will wonder which is the original!

Megabyte Resolution

The first chart showed us that Digital Cameras are certainly the correct choice from a Density Range perspective, with the Betterlight Scanning Camera option taking a clear lead in image quality. The Megapixel resolution illustrates another reason to choose the Betterlight. The Betterlight's resolution is from 8 to 22 times the native resolution of it's competitors. What does that mean? The Betterlight captures that much more information in the scan! That means …

More detail can be printed!
More of the nuances of the work are recorded!
Larger prints can be made with no loss of quality!
Your file will be adequate for any reproduction method in the foreseeable future!

Our Artist Package files take full advantage of this spectacular resolution and could easily be used to create billboard size reproductions without any up-scaling!

Digital Noise / Grain

Noise is the name we give to the various factors which effect an image’s clarity. In film we call it Grain, a Digital Camera has RMS Noise. Naturally, the more noise (the longer the line) the less desirable the method is. While a top notch Pro Digital Camera is well under half the noise of the best commonly used 4X5 film, The Betterlight Scanning Digital Camera has less than 8% of the noise film has! That means cleaner highlights and shadows, more defined details, and better sharpness.

The Best Choice to Scan Your Artwork

Resolution isn't the only factor in a quality scan. The Betterlight Scanning Camera excels not only in the amount of information it captures, but as we've learned, it also is unparalleled in the quality of the information it records. Superior Range, Clarity, and Color Fidelity make for a superior scan and eventually a superior print!

How Large of an Artwork can you Scan?

Our most asked question. Well, it is a camera after all, so theoretically there really isn’t a limit. We’ve captured an 8 foot by 10 foot painting and tiny watch parts. We are experts at capturing large fine art pieces, so we’re not strangers to challenging projects. Whether it’s a painting, a bunch of fabric swatches, something metallic, or 3 dimensional… the size of a garage door or a pair of diamond earrings, we can handle it!

Fine Art Scanning Prices


Up to 12"X18"


Larger than 12"X18" but no larger than 24"X36"


Larger than 24"X36" and up to 48" in the largest dimension


More than 48" in the largest dimension but no more than 60"

$ Call

Larger than 60" in the largest dimension

Artist's Package

Prices at left are for our Artist Package,which includes:
  • Full resolution scan
  • Any Color Correction and proofing required to match original (within the limitations of the media)
Final CD or DVD includes:
  • Full resolution final approved file.
  • Full page ad
  • Postcard size
  • website - 2 versions: 1 thumbnail 1 full screen
Files can be supplied on a USB thumb drive. We have them here for a reasonable price, or supply your own.
All proofs that are not approved, are destroyed for your security.
Altho we make every effort to retain copies of your files for ease of future use, we do not guarantee that we will have them on disk. It is highly recommended that you duplicate and store these files in several separate places to ensure that they will always be there. If desired, additional copies of the CD/DVD can be purchased at the completion of the project for the price of $5 each.

Only need a small file for a postcard, ad, or website?

Visit Our Economy Art Scans page!

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