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Get More From Every Exhibition|QR Codes

OK, so your local coffee shop wants to display your work. How do you convert their interested patrons into your clients? The barista is too busy to even fully answer their questions much less actually do the work necessary to sell the art. Maybe they still have your card around, or one of the half dozen brochures you left on the little table in the back, but it’s not likely they are actually going to go get one for their customer.
“Oh, there’s something on the back table‚” hand fluttering in the air.

Venues like this provide tremendous potential, but converting that potential into sales is problematic. What you really want is to develop a lasting contact with the prospective buyer. You’ve dazzled them with your work, now take the opportunity to engage them.

“How can I do that?” (I can hear you from here!)

Wouldn’t it be great…

if there was an easy way to transport them to
your blog…
or website…
or Etsy store…
or Pinterest pinboard…
or the Gallery’s site that sells your work?
All while they are having their coffee? Or sitting in the Dentists office?

Yeah, wouldn’t that be terrific?

Of course there is way… via the

QR Code


We’ve all seen them, funny little squares with little black dots inside. Perhaps you‚Äôve even used your smartphone to scan one of the little tags. They are easy for the client to use, available for virtually all smartphones and tablets, and limited only by your own creativity. Here's a few ideas:
- have the tag contain your basic contact information. Name address and telephone number.
- if you have a website, but can't make changes to it yourself, have the code go to your Gallery page.
- Link to your blog.
- Create a special web page just for this show and give some compelling information about it.
- Provide an easy way for fans to "Pin" or share your work with their friends.
- Create a page for each piece of art. Tell it's story, why it's named what it is. Are prints available?
- Provide a way for them to buy the print using their phone. Set up a PayPal account, Etsy or eBay store, or one of many ecommerce solutions.

How much does this cost? It depends on how much you can do yourself. There are programs available online to help you create the codes for free. If you have some basic website skills, you can create your own pages - a good hosting site will allow a virtually unlimited number of pages. of course you'll want to optimize the pages so search engines can easily find them. If you can't do those things yourself, it will cost a little money, but not as much as one might think. Check with your web designer or give us a call, we can help!