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Call for Photographers and Artists

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Occasionally we hear about opportunities for Photographers, Painters, and other Fine Artists to display (and sell!) the fruits of their labors. We like to pass those along to you. To that end, we have created a blog page just for these notifications. Be sure to check it out and sign up for the RSS feed! Call to Artists

Canvas| Not just for oil paintings anymore!


Printing artwork on canvas is not new - we've been doing it for more than a decade. What has changed is what's being printed! In the past, it was thought to only be appropriate for oil and acrylic paintings, but thanks largely to some innovative photographers, the benefits of canvas are being explored by watercolorists, illustrators, collage artists, photographers, encaustic artists, and crafters. Not only can the work be conveniently framed using a Gallery Wrap stretching, but the sealed surface can have supplemental materials added to personalize and individualize the work. This can be the addition of paint, a texturizing gel, metal leaf, opalescent powder, encaustic wax, tinted varnish, collage items… virtually anything you imagination can think of! We will help by providing advice based on the experience of ourselves and others, and even provide sample canvas to "play" with if available. If you've been looking for a new direction to go or just something different to get the creative juices flowing again, come see us for some ideas on how to incorporate canvas, and all it's possibilities, into your artwork!